SBI PO Training Period After Selection 2023

SBI PO Training Period After Selection 2023
Time Duration and Salary in Probation Period

This post provides complete information about the training period for SBI PO, which is a commonly asked topic among SBI applicants. It is recommended that candidates who have applied and prepared for the exam should read this post as it will inspire them to perform their best during the hiring process. The State Bank of India releases a notification for the position of probationary officer each year, and a nationwide selection process is conducted. The selection process includes preliminary exams, main exams, and document verification, all of which candidates must pass to become successful bankers at SBI.

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Once the final selection process is complete, SBI will send a message to the selected candidates, instructing them to visit a specific SBLC for document verification and other requirements. After 1-2 weeks of completing the DV, a confirmation mail will be sent to the candidates regarding the successful completion of the document verification process. The mail serves as an invitation to attend training at any of the SBLCs in their state. Typically, the SBLC for DV and the one for training are the same. After receiving the appointment letter, the 2-year SBI PO Training Period (including on-the-job and classroom training) begins. This article provides details on the SBI PO Training Period after selection, the nature of training, and the salary during the probation period.

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SBI PO Training Period After Selection 2023
Probation Period Time

Securing a job as an SBI PO is considered to be highly challenging in the public sector banking industry in India. Upon receiving an appointment letter, the 2-year SBI PO Training Period commences, consisting of both on-the-job and classroom training.

The SBI PO training period includes three major training programs, as follows:

  1. Orientation and Leadership Program: This program is typically six days long and is aimed at providing candidates with an introduction to SBI’s work culture and values, as well as enhancing their leadership skills.
  2. Foundation Training Program-1 (FTP1): This program lasts for 15 days and covers various banking-related topics, such as accounting, risk management, and customer service.
  3. Foundation Training Program-2 (FTP2): After completing FTP1, candidates will be assigned to several branches to gain practical experience in different fields. FTP2 is a one-month training program aimed at providing candidates with advanced training in various banking areas.

In addition, after 21 months of training, candidates must take a confirmation test, and if they pass, they will be promoted to the position of deputy manager.

SBI PO Training Period After Selection 2023

Upon passing the exam and interview process, candidates will receive an appointment letter, marking the beginning of their career as an SBI PO. The training period is an essential component of a banking career, which includes a two-year branch assignment at Scale-1 level. During the training period, candidates will be trained in various departments by senior staff, including personal banking, government, SME, currency chest, pension department, clearinghouse, and NRI business. Over the course of the two-year training period, trainees will have the opportunity to work in different locations and departments. As a result, candidates can expect to receive up to two transfers during their SBI PO Training Period.

SBI PO Training Period After Selection 2023 Confirmation After Training:

Upon completing the SBI PO Training Period, candidates are required to take a confirmation cum promotion test. In order to be directly promoted to Scale 2, candidates must achieve a minimum score of 60% on this test.

SBI PO Training Period After Selection 2023
Post of Assistant Manager

Upon successfully completing the 2-year probation period, candidates will be appointed as SBI PO Assistant Managers in any of the branches. The responsibilities of this role include general banking and bank administration. However, given the constantly changing consumer behavior, SBI PO officers are now also expected to possess excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

SBI PO Training Period After Selection 2023 Training Centre List

Please find the PDF of the SBI PO Training Centre List in India attached herewith. Candidates are requested to go through the list carefully and obtain detailed information.

SBI PO Training Centre List PDF

SBI PO Training Period After Selection 2023 Salary

For your reference, we have provided the salary details for the SBI PO Training Period below:

Starting basic pay – Rs. 41,960/– (with 4 advance increments)
Salary Structure – Rs. 36000-1490/7-46430-1740/2-49910-1990/7-63840 Additionally, Dearness Allowance, H.R.A/Lease rental, City Compensatory Allowance, Medical and other allowances & perquisites are also applicable.

SBI PO Training Period After Selection 2023
Responsibilities of SBI Probationary Officer

Here are the main duties of an SBI Probationary Officer:

  1. Completing all pending work and being prepared to work in different branches during the two-year SBI PO training period.
  2. Undertaking basic tasks like scrolling, posting, and account preparation to gain practical knowledge in finance, accounting, billing, and marketing.
  3. After being promoted to Assistant Manager, assuming additional responsibilities and working towards achieving the bank’s business growth targets.
  4. Managing cash, loans, mortgages, and finances as an Assistant Manager.
  5. Enhancing skills in planning, marketing, budgeting, investment management, loan approval and processing, etc.
  6. Overseeing the work of clerical staff and ensuring their accuracy.

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