5 Legitimate Online Jobs for Students

If you’re in college and want to work but don’t have the time, these online jobs for students might provide you with the flexibility you need. Furthermore, online employment sometimes pays more than on-campus work.

1. Manager of social media

Average earnings: $15 to $40 per hour Why not get compensated for some of your time spent on social media if you’re already spending hours each week on it? Almost every business utilizes social media, and many of them want assistance in managing it. That is why they hire independent social media managers. Social media managers contribute to brand recognition by selecting content, interacting with potential consumers, and generating new leads. Your role is to be the organization’s online voice.

2. Blogger It varies in pay (some bloggers make $100,000+ every month).

As a blogger, you will create written content to share with your audience. The secret to generating money as a blogger is to create valuable material for your followers. For example, instead of writing a personal description of your vacation to Hawaii, create an article titled “7 Things You Should Know Before Vacationing in Hawaii.” It’s both interesting and useful. Before you begin your blog, decide on a certain topic that you love writing about. You want to write for your intended audience. It’s fine to focus on a tiny niche rather than a huge one because the wide appeal isn’t always possible.

3. Freelance writer

It pays between $50 and $500 each piece. If you wish to work as a freelance writer, don’t be concerned about your credentials or experience. You can accomplish it if you have high grammar abilities and the capacity to write properly. Just ask Holly Johnson, who transitioned from working in a morgue to earning more than $200,000 a year as a freelance writer. Freelance writing is a versatile and successful option to supplement your income while in college. You might also like seeing your byline in a print newspaper or online. Having your own blog as an online presence can help you get high-paying clients faster and serve as a showcase for your work. Otherwise, you might begin your career as a freelance writer.

4. Product Reviewer

It pays from $2 and $10 (or more) per review. Consider doing it for money if you love trying new items and writing about them. There are several respectable sites that will compensate you for your evaluations. To do so, you’ll need to sign up for websites like LifePoints and InboxDollars and complete a few demographic questions. You will be sent goods to test and review based on the information you supply. You can post your feedback on social media, the website, a blog, or in a survey.

5. Designer of graphics

It pays between $25 and $50 per hour. You don’t have to be an art major to work as a graphic designer online. You can utilize a free web design tool like Canva to produce stunning and original graphics for your clients if you have an eye for detail and are ready to put in some time to learn. Small businesses require engaging visuals for everything from business cards to logos to social media photos.

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